Fit Me T1D Challenge Starts March 5th! (Type 1 Diabetics ONLY)

Designed by a T1D, the Fit Me T1D Challenge is ONLY for type 1’s looking to reduce body fat and maintain/improve lean muscle.

The Fit Me T1D Challenge is a challenging 4 Week Training & Nutrition program that can be modified for your specific goals (body fat loss, lean muscle, feeling healthier etc).

This challenge is for you if:

  • You need to lose 10-40lbs or more
  • You want to be more lean
  • You need to build muscle and want a tighter, more fit body
  • You want to increase insulin sensitivity

As a T1D, exercise is a CRITICAL part of managing our condition, improving our A1C, and increasing our quality of life. Most personal trainers & nutritionists just don’t understand Type 1 Diabetes because they don’t live with the disease or research the disease.

This challenge is designed to keep you safe while earning your goal body. I’ve even included bonus material like tips on controlling your blood sugar through exercise and a specific grocery list!

But…Does It Work?

In the last Fit Me T1D Challenge we had:

  • 114 type 1 diabetics in our PRIVATE Facebook support group
  • over 40% of people lower their total daily insulin use
  • More stable blood sugars
  • A combined total of over 107lbs lost!

Check out some of the results & testimonials from the recent T1D Challenges:

Meet Taylor Neher, a T1D of over 20 years who lost 21lbs in less than 3 months!

Meet Caitlyn, she is a T1D who won second place in my last 4 week challenge!

Meet Amanda Massey, T1D bikini competitor and nutrition client who won the first challenge!

These are 3 of the 100’s of clients who’ve lost 1000’s of pounds with me…Now it is your turn!

So How Does The Fit Me T1D Challenge Work?

Here’s what you get when you register for the Fit Me T1D Challenge:

  • Custom 4 Week Resistance Training & Cardio Regiment
  • Custom Nutrition Setup To Guarantee Progress Without Starving
  • Bonus: Tips To Controll Blood Sugar Through BOTH Kinds Of Exercise
  • Bonus: 4 Best Strategies For Optimal Blood Sugar Management
  • Bonus: My Personal Favorite Diet Foods
  • Best Diet Resources
  • Admission into PRIVATE Facebook Group For Clients Only

The Fit Me T1D Challenge starts on March 5th 2018! I will only be taking a LIMITED AMOUNT OF T1D’S and am offering extra incentives for the first people who register!

How to Win $1000 in Private Training


  1. You must video tape yourself in a bikini or equivalent stepping on a scale and showing the weight (cheating disqualifies you– this is the honor system) saying “I am doing the Fit Me T1D Challenge and I’m going to get paid to lose.”
  2. You must make at least a social media post a week talking about the challenge and using the hashtag #FitMeT1DChallenge. Post your workouts or blood sugars or anything related to your journey
  3. You must video tape your progress at the end and show yourself getting on the scale in the same outfit. 
  4. The person who loses the most amount of body fat, weight, and has best transformation picture will win. It is based on weight to weight lost ratio– anyone can win. There MIGHT be multiple winners too. 
  • To qualify, you must do each of these requirements!

The Workout Plan

The workouts are designed to be done in a gym or at home, given you have the appropriate resistance training equipment. If you can only lift your bodyweight, feel free to start there and then progress to weights or bands. If you have joint pain with high impact movements like jump squats, modify the movements by not leaving the ground but still performing with the same intensity. Modify as you need to but keep it challenging!

The Nutrition Plan

There is no one size fits all nutrition plan– especially for a T1D. This nutrition plan shows you exactly how many calories, proteins, carbs, and fats to eat to get to your goal. This is not just a 4 week diet. It is a concept you can use to lose body fat for the rest of your life. A sample meal plan is included as well!

The challenge starts March 5th 2018! 



Q: Do I need a gym membership?
A: No you do not but you will need minimal equipment (resistance bands, pull up bar, exercise ball, mat etc)

Q: Can I do this if I’m pregnant?
A: Absolutely. The only limitation will be you can’t be in a severe calorie deficit. You can’t expect to lose 25lbs during your pregnancy.

Q: Is it only for low carb people?
A: This is for all eating preferences. There is no universal nutritional method.

Q: What if I’m new to the gym?
A: Whether you are advanced or a beginner, you will be able to do this program. 

Q: I don’t live in the USA.. Can I join?
A: Type 1s from all over the world have completed the challenge!


**Early Registration Special**


Save $40 by signing up before March 1st! $140 $109 Click picture below to sign up! Over 50 T1D’s already registered!


Once you register above, you will receive an email within a week with further instructions, invite links, and information.

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