Nutrition & Training

8 weeks $399 and 12 weeks $479



  • Custom program optimized to get you to your specific goals as quick as possible, as easy as possible.
  • Fit it into your schedule so it’s convenient
  • Constant email communication so there’s no guess work
  • 1 skype session included for introduction and assessment


(Regularly $499)

Save 20%



  • I personally figure out your metabolic rate, taking into account nonexercise thermogenesis and thermic effect of food (what most people skip).
  • Provide you with my time-tested, results-based macronutrient goals to provide consistent fat reduction on a weekly basis
  • I continuously adapt your nutrition program so you never plateau and allow you to enjoy dieting


(Regularly $749)

Save 36%

Save $100 and focus on the two major factors that stop people from getting to their goals:

Nutrition and training

Gold Package

*Reach Your Goal or Your Money Back*

This one is not for everyone! You will not be babied or coddled. You will be pushed and probably be uncomfortable. You will
have to work. But when you are done with this program- when you can finally say “I love my new body”
will you regret it? Here’s what you get:



  • Nutrition w/ weekly monitoring so you never can fall off

  • Training w/ video analysis so you are getting the most from your training

  • One half-hour, one-on- one phone call with me. The main reason people quit or don’t get results is because the mental grind. Speaking with me weekly will give you everything you need. Save time and leave nothing to chance.

  • If you are tired of starting over and not getting to your goal this is for you

  • 12 week minimum $759

30 minute skype session to go over training, nutrition, or any obstacles you are facing so we can get you to your goals quickly.