3 Steps To Accomplish Any Goal Without Failing

Have you ever felt like you we faking it? Faking it in your job, your relationships, you life?

All my life, I set goals with little to no follow through. I had AMAZING ideas and little to show for them. I really got tired of coming up with a “million dollar idea” and not being able to get past the idea phase. I’ve learned something very valuable (and also a little harsh):

Million dollar ideas don’t exist– they aren’t real. Million dollar plan execution does though.

Ideas don’t pay bills or get you more fit or make you happier. I have learned how to turn those ideas you have into a reality with 3 easy steps.

1. You Do Need an Idea

Everything starts as an idea. Your idea, or dream or goal, needs to exist before you can make anything happen.

For me, I had an idea 4 years ago that I wanted to turn my disability into a positive thing and change my body, regardless if it was a realistic goal or not [note: nothing great is ever realistic at first].

Do you want to feel more confident by improving your body?

Do you want to change your career or work for yourself?

Do you want to overcome some sort of hardship that has happened in your life?

It starts with an idea of what you want. Not what you kind of want– you have to really want it.

Ask yourself why, why do you want this idea? Why is this idea so important to you and, if accomplished, how would it change your life?

If your “why” is big enough, you will be driven to not only think about your idea but act on it.

After all, you can’t have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic.

2. Ideas are Worthless Without a Plan

“Man, I have an idea for an app/business/thing that is worth millions!”

Have you ever heard this from someone? I know I used to say it all the time! I, like many people, am an idea guy at heart. But ideas are as good as dollars in the zombie apocalypse.

Ideas only hold weight when attached to a plan.

What do most businesses start with once they have the idea? A Business plan, right? If you ever want to acquire an investment you need a plan.

Wanting to lose weight or pursue a certain job doesn’t do anything for you aside from create frustration.

To move forward, you need a plan of how that idea will spring to life.

Consider the who, what, when, where, how. Ask yourself questions as if someone was interrogating your idea.

A goal without a plan is just a dream.

3. Without Action There is No Change

We have an idea because we generally want change in some part of our lives. But change cannot occur unless you do one thing:


To change, or to act in a way that gets you closer to your idea or goal, is the major battle because it requires tireless effort and self discipline.

10% idea. 90% action.

Once you have the idea and make the plan on how to accomplish the idea, you simply need to do the plan. Hustle.

The work is never easy and if it were, everyone would be in drop top ferraris with chiseled bodies and bags of money.

But it is simple.

Action yields results. Maybe not tomorrow or next week or next month but eventually, you will get to your goal.

The few People who get this far often act and  fail. Inevitably, failure makes people run for the hills because people see it as a wall not a stepping stone.

You are going to fail. You are going to miss reps in the gym, not make a sale, and lose money in business. That’s a fact.

But if your “why” is big enough and you decide to push through the crap storm, you will come out on top.

Progress provides fulfillment and requires action to happen.

Here are some action steps for you to do right now.

What is that one thing that has been on your mind? It can be related to getting a better body or building a business, or learning something new.

Write it down and under it put why it is so important to you and why, no matter what anyone says to you or what goes wrong, you will continue believing in your idea.

Now come up with a specific plan on how you are going to do it. How can you make it possible? What do you need to do to make it work? When are you going to start?

The last but most important step is to act. See the plan through with all your effort. Get dirty and hustle your ass off.

If it doesn’t work, rework the plan and hustle again without being phased by the first attempt.

Repeat this process enough and you will succeed. But if you quit on the first or fourth or tenth attempt– you will guarantee yourself you’ll never reach your goal.

It takes as long as it takes so turn your mental timer off, put your head down, keep your eyes on your own path, and get to work.

Your future self is counting on you.


Are you struggling to structure or build the life you want and feel like the same day keeps repeating itself over and over and the only thing that is changing is your age?

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