4 Fat Loss Food Myths BUSTED

Where’d you hear that? “The internet.”

There is so much CRAP out there these day being slung by social media gurus and keyboard warriors. When it comes to you just trying to get simple and sound advice, it’s practically impossible with all the noise. You just want to know things like “can I eat carbs and lose weight”, “what’s the best diet to lose weight”, and “What foods are fattening”.

I’m going to make your life a lot easier and address the main 4 fat loss food myths that have proven time and time again to be not true.

Myth #1: Carbs cause you to gain weight


It seems like carbohydrates have pissed off more people than a Donald Trump rally relative to weight loss. Every time you hear people talking about dieting or losing weight, people say something like “Don’t eat carbs” or “no carbs after 6pm”.

Where did this come from?

Let’s clear the air: weight loss occurs from burning more calories than you take in. Notice I didn’t say burning more carbs. Now, it does get a little bit more in-depth when it comes to losing body fat consistently (which I talk about in my ebook) but the goal is to eat as much as possible and still lose body fat. Why deprive yourself of a nutrient if you don’t need to?

Carbs don’t make you gain weight— overconsumption of calories in general make you gain weight!

As long as you are in a moderate calorie deficit, have a balanced diet, and are eating your proper macro and micronutrients, you can live a carb-full life and still reduce body fat. Try using an app like my fitness pal to see what you are eating.

Myth #2: Low fat diets are best


Fat is a necessity in our diets. It helps produce hormones and provides energy. One of the biggest myths out there is that fat makes you fat. recall that overconsumption of calories make you fat— not fat or carbs.

Fat is the most calorie dense nutrient as it has 9 calories per gram vs carbs and protein which only have 4 calories per gram. That means if you eat 50 grams of carbs, that totals around 200 calories whereas 50 grams of fat totals around 450 calories. I generally put my clients on a 40% carb, 30% protein, 30% fat diet to keep their hormones in check and allow for optimal performance and results. There are many other ratios out there that work but understand that checking labels for low fat foods is not the way to go.

Myth #3: Eating small meals speeds up your metabolism


“Eat every 2 hours to speed up your metabolism which is like a fire, the more you feed it, the hotter it burns”


Studies show there is no notable difference between eating 2 big meals or 6 small meals. It is the daily total calorie consumption versus your daily total calorie expenditure that matters. Smaller meals can actually INCREASE your hunger hormone (leptin) which can make dieting even harder. Do yourself a favor and eat however many meals you want to. Just be sure to hit your specific caloric/macronutrient goals. ( If you aren’t sure how to do that, feel free to email me!)

Myth #4: Eating clean is the only way to lose body fat


A kansas nutrition professor did a study where he at twinkles for 10 weeks and lost 27lbs (not to mention dropping his bad cholesterol 30 points).

I am not green lighting you to go eat twinkles. I am, however, showing you that the quantity of calories you eat surpasses the quality of food you eat in relation to weight loss. I always suggest eating most ( >85%) of your calories from whole food but to enjoy life and sustain your diet long term, there has to be flexibility. No food is technically fattening as fattening means overconsumption of calories. Think about guns. By themselves they are not dangerous, but in the wrong persons hands they can be.

Food is not bad but mismanagement of nutrition is. Most people skip step one which is having a solid plan based on their individual needs.

“If all this is true, then why are people still saying it?”

I’m not sure on the statistic but I think it’s safe to say MOST people don’t get the results they want and MOST people in america are overweight or out of shape. If we listen to what most people say— odds are— we will get what most people got.

Don’t let the myths and fat loss fairytales fool you. Losing body fat is science not magic. Block out the noise and trust no one who backs up their philosophy, not with science but with the phrase “trust me”.

Trust me 😉

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Hey chris would love your mini ebook on fat loss. Let me how
Also, thank you for sharing your story ..Your Inspiration and I will work out harder. Im 45 ex smoker 8 mos the 27th of March.


Hey Chris, I saw your video from Strength Camp and had to check out your page. I’d like to subscribe to your posts – please add me! You’re an incredible dude, keep up the amazing work!

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